Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Deer Watching

It seems inane to post pictures of deer when people are dying from bombings in Boston. Senseless, stupid tragedies all around. Today is also the anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech, which happened in 2007. And just a few days ago there was a shooting in Christiansburg on the New River Valley Community College campus.

Apparently we as a society are incapable of learning from these types of incidents, since they continue to happen. I tend to see these things as symptoms of how sick our country is, from the top down. It's like having water in the tea kettle - every now and then the thing has to blow off steam. The fact that these types of horrific actions take place more and more by scared and fed-up people indicate to me that the heat on society is growing hotter all the time.

The people in power need to take heed instead of placing bandages on each incident. We need major change in economic and societal policies in the United States. The media needs to change it rhetoric so that individualism is not key, but community is. We need to stop vilifying one another and embrace other people as our friends and partners, not as our enemies.


  1. I happen to like your peaceful pictures of deer when I have to read so many horrible things.

  2. All of that sounds wonderful and hopeful and then I hear the senate refused to require background checks for gun purchases at shows and online. A simple thing like that. Our "leaders" will suck anything or anyone who throws them a few dollars. The IRA has bought this country. Keep posting your deer pictures because we need it.


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