Monday, March 04, 2013

Who Knows What It's Worth?

Again these are from Sunday Stealing. Apparently these are questions from a 5,000 question meme. Ye gods! By the time you did all of those questions you should know yourself pretty well!
Anyway, Sunday stealing had numbered these, and I haven't done the first 100. I suppose I will have to go back and pick those up sometime.
101. What does happiness/joy feel like physically?
It's a jiggle in your tummy, and a wiggle in your brain! It's a dancing in your feet that you simply can't explain! It's a shimmy in your heart place and a smile upon your lovely face!
102. List five things you love starting with the one you love the absolute most.
A. My husband
B. My brother (even if he is a ... ha, I know you read my blog, bro!)
C. My friends (in multiple, yes)
D. My other family members (also multiple)
E. My home
Oh. Wait. It says list five THINGS. People aren't things. Let me try this again. I tend not to love things, really, but here goes:
A. My home
B. My car
C. My books
D. My computer
E. My guitar
103. How many movies have you gone to see this year?
Nary a single one. Can you believe that? We did order a movie called Hope Springs on the pay-per-view on the television, but I suppose that doesn't count.
My husband wants to go see that new Long Ranger movie with Johnnie Depp when it comes out.
104. If you could have 3 wishes...but none of them could be for yourself, what would you wish for?
I'd like to see world peace but shoot, that ain't never gonna happen, I don't care how many djinn (or genies) are out there working on it. So how about this:
  • equality for women
  • health care for everyone
  • no more poverty
105. In what ways do you relax and de-stress when you are really tense?
I do tai chi, believe it or not, which helps a lot. I also read, play video games, and take walks.
106. How much money would it take to get you to sell your blog address?
Hmm. Not something I have ever thought about. One of the websites that values blogs says mine is worth $218,000! Hard to believe that, and I don't. Another says it's worth about $1,100. So let's go with a number somewhere between those.
107. Have you ever been hunting?
Yes, but I wasn't holding the gun.
108. Have you attempted this 5000 question meme in the past?
No. I'd never heard of it before.
109. What do you think of cloning?
I don't think much about it but it seems dangerous.
110. Do you read or watch TV more often?
111. With all this talk of terrorism going around are you willing to sacrifice rights and freedoms for increased safety?
It would depend on exactly what "right" I suppose, but in general, no. I don't think it makes you any safer. A lot of other people disagree, it appears.
112. What is the punishment you would come up with for Osama Bin Laden if you caught him alive?
That is not for me to decide.
113. Have you ever named an individual part of your body?
No. Eww.
114. Have you ever been on the radio or on TV?
Yes. I was on TV a very long time ago.
115. Have you ever won a lottery, or sweepstakes?
Are you kidding? I never win anything like that.
116. Have you ever won a contest or competition?
I've won writing contests. I suppose those count.
117. Have you ever watched The Joy of Painting show with Bob Ross (check out this link if you don't know who he is.
Um. No.
118. Do you know what your grandparents and your great grand parents did for a living?
My maternal grandfather worked for Kroger in the warehouse. My maternal grandmother was a homemaker but she did spend some time in the meat packing business at a place called Valley Dale. My paternal grandfather was an insurance adjuster. My paternal grandmother was a homemaker.
My maternal great-grandfathers were farmers; their wives were farmer's wives and homemakers. My paternal great-grandfathers I'm not sure about but I think one of them was a minister who owned a brothel.
119. Is there anything really interesting in your family history?
My lineage goes back to the Revolutionary War and my direct many-great grandfather fought in the Civil War on the Confederate side. Some of my line traces back to Ireland.
120. Is there anyone you trust completely?

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  1. I knew there was something I forgot to go back and read this week. Oops! I don't get to as many movies as I would like, and have not been out to any yet this year. What did you think of Hope Springs? Friends and I watched that a few weeks ago. I'd say it was quite the education for the 13-yr old in our midst, LOL (her mother was there, too).


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