Friday, March 15, 2013

Not Quite Spring

Yesterday I changed my header on both my blog and my Facebook page. I went with Spring - which isn't here yet.

This is what it looks like around my house today.

The irises are just barely above the ground.

The daffodils have not yet bloomed.

But the robins are in the yard!

My grandma always said robins mean spring.

This stuff is in the flower bed, again. I think it's some kind of dry land cress.

With the birds singing, can Spring be far behind?

The forsythia is budding.

But it has not yet bloomed. No yellow blossoms yet!

The grass is still pretty brown, too.

But next week it will be Spring! Only five more days.


  1. Sigh...we're still knee-deep in snow here. Which is what mid-March should be like, not the 82F we had on this day last year, but still...getting kind of tired of the cold. Only a week until spring "officially" starts...

  2. We have some robins too! Love your spring header.


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