Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

In the news . . .

1. Rally Against Apathy Draws Small Crowd

2. Citizens: Move Deer Crossing to Area with Less Traffic

3. Hunter Attacked by Unarmed Bear

4. Winners of Drunk Driving Contest Announced

5. Lead-Lined Coffins Called Health Risk

6. More Janes, Less Dicks Needed in Politics

7. Troutt Named to Salmon Board

8. City Unsure Why the Sewer Smells

9. Truck Carrying Flame Retardant Catches Fire

10. Alleged Strip Search Prompts Proposal

11. Laid-Off Workers Recalled to Fill Diapers

12. Hackers Hack Online Anti-Hacking Session

13. Camouflaged Army Vehicle Disappears

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 280th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Headlines can be so amusing -- it's one of my favorite segments on the rare occasion I watch Jay Leno. Some make you wonder if the writer/editor stopped to actually think about how their words sound. My T13

  2. Ha,ha,ha! What makes them so funny is that the writers were completely serious when they wrote it.

  3. Great fun. Enjoyed them all. And they say journalism isn't dead.

  4. Cranial disengagement at its best.

  5. I like 10. (Must be the season's red swag sneaking up on me turning me into a temporary romantic.)

  6. Does number twelve count as irony? I'm not sure anymore. (Curse you, Alanis!!!)

  7. LOL! Actually, it makes total sense that hackers would hack into an online meeting about them.

  8. #1 is my favorite. It set the stage. I love this sort of thing. It reminds me of the Talking Heads song: Stop Making Sense!

  9. Loved them all, but #7 really tickled my fancy. Thanks for the smile.

  10. Very just spread some smiles around, and that is a good thing! Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Sometimes I see those kind of things in the paper and I have to wonder if there is a proofreader or editor working there.

  12. Made me smile, especially 7, 8, 18. All interesting. Thanks :)

  13. Hunter attacked by unarmed bear, too funny! Thanks for the chuckles. Happy T13!

  14. Is #2 based on the actual radio interview with the woman who called in about the deer sign in a high traffic area? That was HILARIOUS! It's amazing how oblivious people can truly be. LOL! Have a great weekend!


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