Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Meet Karen!

Karen Wright is the owner of Soothing Solutions. She is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and great friend!

Her office is in Blue Ridge. She has created an oasis of tranquility in the corner of a small shopping strip.

Karen takes her work out of the office. She sometimes gives massages to businesses. I took this photo of her at an event in the county a few years ago.

I've been seeing Karen for problems with my back for about 10 years. She is always friendly, always helpful, and she always gives me a great massage.

I have even sent my husband to her! He loved his massage.

A few years ago Karen demonstrated something called Laughter Yoga to my arts and letters group, The Roanoke Pen Women. It remains one of the best programs we have ever had.

She offers yoga classes every Monday and Wednesday morning at the Blue Ridge Library. The classes routinely are full. “If you can breathe and sit in a chair, you can do yoga,” Karen said in an article I did on her in 2006. “Yoga is doable for just about anybody. Yoga can be done at the desk if necessary.”

Karen grew up in Botetourt County. She was the area's first massage therapist, blazing the trail for other alternative medicines to move into the county. She had a bit of a struggle getting the license to operate from the local government - officials didn't understand that she is a therapist, not a call girl, and thus her work is about helping you feel better. But once they figured it out, she was able to open her office in 1998. I did an article on her when she first started and that is how we met.

She has also taught aerobics, senior strength and stretching, and is a stress management consultant, among other things.

Once she spent an hour with me teaching me how to breath in order to help lower my blood pressure. It works when I remember to do it.

If you're interested in having Karen help you out, check out her website and give her a call. She is definitely a good person to know!

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  1. haha "not a call girl"! i'm going to have to send ashlyn and nick to her...they both have bad backs :(


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