Saturday, January 26, 2013

Virginia Politics Today

Here are few links to the political goings on in the state during this legislative session - in a world gone mad.

Virginia Advances Gangbanger Bill of Rights - another SAVE OUR GUNS bill except this one would make Virginia a safehaven for criminals. Because, you know, they like guns, too. One opponent to this bill suggests criminals would change the state motto to VA LOVES ITS GUNS.

They did this as Vice President Biden was next door talking about gun control:

Biden: Mental Health Check may have prevented VA Tech shooting

The legislators also want to mix up voting districts and change the electoral college. Interestingly, the electoral college distribution has been in place since the founding of the nation, but apparently it can be tampered with, unlike the U.S. Constitution, which is some sort of holy script that can only be interpreted one way (their way) and no other:

Virginia GOP sneaks gerrymandering bill through - The GOP wants to change the districts so they can win next time. The bill would eliminate Creigh Deeds' district (faithfully Democratic) altogether, and help other (Republican) representatives stay in office without moving around and declaring residences in places they don't really live. Because, you know, staying in office is more important than fair representation of the unwashed masses.

It's possible this won't progress in the senate, though:

Virginia Election-Rigging Plan draws opposition from two VA state senators

They also wanted to change the electoral college to better ensure a Republican win in the next presidential election, though it looks like that might fail:

Virginia bill on electoral college change appears headed for defeat

Bill to change electoral college in VA faces uphill battle

Virginia Governor Against Rigging Electoral College

Apparently, though, somehow a sense of fairness fell upon the Virginia Senate:

Virginia Senate passes LGBT protections for state employees

Nondiscrimination Bill Passes VA Senate

though the odds of this passing the House of Delegates (68-32 in favor of the Republicans) seem small.

And let's not forget the governor's plan to fix the transportation funding problems: drop the gas tax, penalize people who use hybrids and other alternative fuels, and raise the taxes on food, clothing, and other necessities. So that, you know, those terrible folks who don't drive or use the buses have to pay more then their fair share. It would also double-tax some folks, such as people who drive diesel fueled vehicles, who would still pay a gas tax AND the higher sales tax rates (and maybe pay a penalty, too!).

Virginia governor proposes fee for hybrids, electric cars

Where are the statesmen of the world who really do want what is best for the people they represent, and not what is best for themselves of some party to which they hold unfettered allegiance?


  1. Jeeez. Just a few more reasons to love this state... NOT! Penalized for driving a hybrid?? OMG.

  2. Funny how politicians are all for democracy for *their* side. Not so much for their opponents, though. Over here, our PM has just jeopardised the economic recovery by declaring "war" on Europe, in order to secure his position within his own party (threatenend by eurosceptics) and give his party a chance to win the next election (by winning back UKipper defectors). Breathtakingly cynical.


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