Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Thirteen

Riddle me this! Answers at the bottom.

1. What is red, blue, purple, and green, but no one can reach it, not even the queen?

2. There are two in a corner, one in a room, none in a house, but one in a shelter. What am I?

3. The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?

4. I am the begiing of the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

5. I have an end but no beginning, a home but no family, a space without room. I never speak but there is no word I cannot make. What am I?

6. Whoever makes it doesn't tell. Whoever takes it doesn't know. Whoever knows it doesn't want it. What is it?

7. What always runs but never walks, often murmers, but never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?

8. What lives in the corner but travels the world?

9. If you drop me I'm sure to crack, but give me a smile and I'll smile back. What am I?

10. Feed me and I live, give me a drink and I die. What am I?

11. A man is writing a letter. The power goes out and then he dies. Why did he die?

12. What men go to the first thing in the morning and last thing at night no man nor woman will stop him from it. What you are doing while reading this. What is it?

13. I give milk and I have a horn, but I am not a cow. What am I?


1. A rainbow.

2. The letter "r".

3. Darkness

4. The letter "e".

5. A keyboard.

6. Counterfeit money.

7. A river.

8. A postage stamp.

9. A mirror.

10. Fire.

11. He is in a plane skywriting.

12. Toilet (or sitting).

13. A milk truck.

I am no good at riddles myself. Hope you enjoyed them!

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 279th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Why does my head suddenly hurt? The only two I knew for sure were 7 and 9. Some Snow Day Pics

  2. I got a few of these pretty quickly. I won't say which ones. ;)

    Happy TT! :)

  3. I am so bad at these. I don't think I could even guess one. I think I'm impaired!

  4. River is the only one I got right off. I didn't get a keyboard even with the answer, and I think the ones that are letters of the alphabet are cheating.

  5. #8 really had me stumped. What a cool TT. I will share many of these (and may take the credit).

  6. #8 really had me stumped. What a cool TT. I will share many of these (and may take the credit).

  7. I enjoy riddles... but only got the river one.

    I am so impressed that you have been doing this for more than five years! 279 times. You are amazing!

    If I do this once or twice a year I think am doing good... but I enjoy reading what others post.

    You may know my daughter Sherilee, and wife Shirley who post more frequently.

  8. Thank you for resurrecting my grandmother, who used to pose (most of) these when I was a kid. Haven't heard some of them in decades. Cool.

  9. You got me on a few of those. Great riddles.

  10. I have no patience. I gave up on most of them in ten seconds. I'm bad.

  11. I'm terrible at riddles too, but I did manage a couple of answers.

  12. I'm not a good guesser, but I enjoy riddles after I see the answer and how clever it was. In movies, like The Hobbit, they often use riddles as a way to win something or escape harm. In these cases, riddles make me very anxious because I would be dead if my life depended on answering one.

  13. Fun ... I was able to get about three ... Good puzzlers

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