Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunrise, 01/10/2013

I do not really have a good place to take shots of the sunrise unless I put on a coat and shoes and trudge away from the woods that are in back of my house.

But some mornings the sunrises are so spectacular you have to take a shot of it through the trees when you're too sleepy-eyed to bother with the dressing and all.

Lenora over at A Journal of Days has a terrific shot of the same sunrise. Check it out.


  1. Stunning photos--especially the second one. I have a similar problem. I am at bottom of a hill, and there are thousands of trees in my neighborhood. Some days, the sun is so spectacular you have to take photos of it through the trees. Such was the case with the sunset photos I posted on my blog today. Hope you have a great weekend, Anita!

  2. We have some beautiful skies around here! Tess opened the front door to catch the bus and BAM! She ran back in to grab her camera : ) It's such a treat to start the day with one of these.


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