Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Stalked by the Past

I am glad I was young before the Internet.

How nice it is not to have my past chasing me around every time I log into a social media site. How wonderful to know that it is okay to leave my cellphone in the car or at home and not worry about it.

I don't need to be connected 24 hours a day, and make a point not to be.

When I am out with friends, my cellphone stays in my vehicle. My friends deserve my undivided attention, and so receive it. If they are worth spending time with, then why not give my all?

How, I wonder, does one break up from someone now? If a young man has a girl and they decide to split up, how do they do that if they are still texting and reading each other's Facebook pages? Surely not all breakups are nice and they cannot remain friends.

If a young person suffers from unrequited love, how can there ever be resolution without a permanent, solid never-see-or-hear-from-you again break?

I am also glad that pictures of me doing crazy things when I was young and stupid are not following me around. I have a few young friends on Facebook and sometimes they things they post online are nothing short of appalling. From pictures to words to opinions that are better left unsaid, it seems nothing is sacred.

Old fogey, am I? I suppose so. I value my privacy. I am truly upset by the state of the world - the police state we've become, where our children are locked inside daytime prisons that should be happy times of learning.

I really need to stop paying attention to the news.


  1. I know right?! I don't even watch the news and yet I'm still frustrated with the things I witness from the younger generation on a daily basis.

    When I was a bank teller (drive-thru), I would get so appalled at the rudeness of a customer when they would pull up and want to do banking business with me yet they were on the cell phone. Or when I'm behind someone in line at a store that does not get off the phone when they reach the cashier. Just plain rude I tell ya!

    I fear the younger generation will not know how to communicate face to face. I fear we are becoming an impersonal society.

    And, half these kids don't even realize that what they post on social media sites today may hinder their future employment.

    Ugh, you got me on a soapbox, hahaha! But, I totally agree with you.

    Have a great day!

  2. i understand your thoughts. i think that folks (teens & younger folks) should realize that you can't put out those issues into the real world (on facebook, instagram, internet, twitter, etc.) you always have to be careful of what you do & say ... because it can & will bite you in the butt soon enough. it always happens. don't think they realize that life goes on ... they are only thinking about "the right here & right now" .... doing the drugs, alcohol, tats, parties, all the silliness. so scary.

    i love your last comment ... back away from the news asap!! i have a friend who has no cable or outside news coming in ... she does have a tv & a weather radio ... but only watches what makes her happy & is enjoyable to be around (or hear).

    make life what you want. step away from the silly news & just be. big big hugs. ( :

  3. it's so hard for young people these days to be in relationships with all the easy ways to "cheat"...everyone is up in your business. i know from watching my older 2 deal with this stuff. it's a crazy world now with all this technology, which sadly hasn't made us better.

  4. I am glad my past is not following me around. Bad enough that my memories make me cringe now and then. At least my kids don't have proof!

  5. Anita, I also do not feel the need to be connected all the time and do not carry my cell phone everywhere, most times I forget to turn it on, except when we are travelling. I do not belong to any social network sites and blogging is our sole social interaction online. We do not subscribe to any services for TV reception and read and view the news online, which is bad enough.


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