Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

This is the last Thursday of 2012! Hard to believe. I thought I'd make a list of resolutions for 2013.

Some of these are carried over from last year, as I was not successful in everything. Actually, most things.

1. Write a big project. This might be a novel, or a nonfiction piece, or maybe my autobiography. In any event, something. Last year I wrote my thesis and received a master's degree. I don't have any such initiative going on this time around.

2. Teach another class at the community college. This fall I taught a noncredit class in journal writing. I enjoyed it and it was a big step forward in my personal growth, as it was something I had long wanted to do but had not. This course is actually already scheduled to begin in March. You can see the course listing here, and I suppose from there you can register. The easiest way to register is call Greenfield Education & Training Center - (540) 966-3984.

3. Consider finding a part-time job elsewhere. This could be a job "working for the man," as my husband calls a salaried position, or a strong return to freelancing, or adjunct teaching, or something I haven't even thought of yet. I had something similar on last year's list.

4. Lose weight. No need to say anything more about this. This was also on last year's list.

5. Find an organization to volunteer with. I spent 10 years volunteering as an appointed member of the county's library board, and I miss it. I enjoy doing things that help the community, so I will be looking for someplace to give of my time. We'll see what comes about. Also on last year's list.

6. Exercise. My exercise routine has been pathetic over the last year. For a long time I walked on the treadmill every single day, then I hurt my foot. Now I am lucky if I walk on the treadmill three times a week. Also on last year's list.

7. Keep my journal. This was on last year's list and I have done much better with it. So I want to continue this.

8. Write fiction. Maybe work on some of these half-finished novels and short stories. Also on last year's list.

9. Finish my local history things. I have started a couple of local history books and I have a local history blog. I need to work on all aspects of this. This project has languished for several years now and I want to finish it. Also on last year's list.

10. Organize the closets. We have lived in our house for 25 years. We have stuff crammed everywhere. I have slowly been tossing things but it seems more stuff comes in than goes out. I am interested in moving some things out of here, somehow. Also on last year's list.

11. Read the books in my to be read pile. I used to only have a couple of books in my to-read pile at a time; now I have shelves full of books that I want to read but seldom have time to get to. The pile only grew over the past year even though I read more than 50 books this year. I seem to have turned into a collector as much as a reader. Also on last year's list.

12. Learn website design. This is something I sort of know how to do but I don't know how to do it well. I would like to take a class or something. Also on last year's list.

13. Do something grand to celebrate the year. This year I turn 50 and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. Seems like it would be a good year to celebrate, maybe all year long. Maybe I should do something one a week to acknowledge these milestones.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 274th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Looks like we had the same topic in mind! LOL. You have a great list of goals, Anita. I wish you the best of luck with them. Have a blessed 2013!

  2. Great list! I'm with you on the exercising and writing more, for sure. :) Happy almost New Year!

  3. That's a good list. Maybe I'll borrow a few items for my list.

  4. I fell woefully off my exercise/fitness goals, too. Reading you write in such commonsense terms, rather than going all inspirational/aspirational, touched me. I can do this. There's no reason not to!

  5. a couple of yours are on my list too.. and that makes my thursday thirteen as wel..


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