Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Tonight my book club is having a little Christmas party and we're reading poetry to one another.

I was instructed to bring my own poems to read. I have pulled out six poems (which I must dwindle down to two). So here are two lines from each of the poems, with a last one thrown in there for the good measure.

In the comments, if you'll tell me which lines are your favorite, I will use that info to help me make my selection.

1 & 2

Fingers rapped restrained rhythm.
She reached with teeth keeping beat

3 & 4

I am from a reverend who owned whorehouses
and from grandparents who set the West Virginia woods afire while making love

5 & 6

right next door that baby done cried
three solid days and its momma with both her eyes

7 & 8

I run from whistles in blue
and tanned hands in haystacks

9 & 10

I am searching for momma and
papa and baby but

11 & 12

Sad little kiwi fruit.
Your hairy scrotum-body


teeth restrain rhyme and rhythm


  1. 3&4, about the whorehouses. That is my favorite. :)

  2. LOL. These are awesome. I really love 3 & 4 and 11 & 12. Happy Thursday!

  3. My favorites were 3&4 and 5&6. But 11&12 made me laugh...well, snort....

  4. Oh, tough one. I like the voice in 3&4. I think I like it best.

  5. 11 through 13 for me. All seem very interesting, though.

  6. I think I have to go with the mass majority and choose 3&4.

  7. hahaha- love it! That kiwi does make me wonder....

  8. 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 make me want to know more.

  9. 9 & 10 are the most intriguing. And I do feel bad for the kiwi


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