Saturday, December 01, 2012

These Dreams

To dream is to believe in something other than the bleakness of reality.

To dream is to see the blue skies behind the clouds, the rainbow that follows a storm.

To dream is to embrace change and hold it with both hands, grasping it to your breast in an embrace so tight you nearly squeeze the life out of it.

To dream is to look too tomorrow, to know it will be coming, and to harbor great hopes that it will come rolling toward you like a truck full of ice cream.

To dream is to put forth ideas, to be brave even without true danger, to feel in spite of the risk. 

Dreams are the stuff of legend, the tigers in need of taming. To dream is to save the day.


  1. Haven't the morning and evening skies just been awesome recently?

  2. i think the day you don't dream with be a sad, sad, sad day. keep dreaming. great shots. ( :

  3. Such amazing color in these photos -- love the stark images of the trees against that sky.


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