Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas Rose

In mid-December, I noticed a rose trying to bloom on my bushes. It is very late for a rose to have any sort of bloom here in my part of the world

It had an odd shape, I presume because of the weather.

I did not expect it to bloom, especially after we had a cold snap that sent temperatures plummeting below freezing.

But on Christmas Day, the thing bloomed. It looked a little funny but it was there nonetheless.


  1. Talk about your Christmas miracles! Nothing blooming here since the blizzard the week before Christmas. It may be COLD, but at least it looks more like December is supposed to look.

  2. Now THAT is a gorgeous thing to see in December. It may not look like a summer rose but it sure tried.

  3. What a heartening sight. A good omen?

  4. How fun to have a Christmas rose. We came here from California to have seasons and now a Christmas rose. Plus Southern California has been getting all our rain!


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