Monday, December 31, 2012

Fare Thee Well, 2012

January 2012 rainbow

Last year came in with rainbows. I saw more rainbows in 2012 than I ever have in a single year. All were spectacular. How can you be anything but amazed when you see that line of color?

On this last day of  the year, I want to recap the highlights for me as I get ready to embrace 2013.

This new year will be a big one for me - I will turn 50 in June, and in November I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. So I am hoping for big things. At least a couple of celebrations, anyway.

This year ending was interesting. I graduated in May from Hollins University, receiving a masters of arts in liberal studies degree. I love education and going to classes was fun and interesting. Of all of my accomplishments this year, this one certainly stands out.

To graduate, I had to write a thesis, which I finished in late February. It was about 80 pages of creative nonfiction, which so far I have only shared with a few people. I am not sure what to do with it. Taking it out and thinking about some way to change it to a marketable piece is on my to-do list for 2013.

Other highlights: I returned to limited writing for The Fincastle Herald, the local weekly paper for which I used to write full time.This fall, I taught a class in journal writing through the local community college system. I also began revising a novel, a process that, alas, I stopped at Thanksgiving and did not resume. Perhaps this year.

My biggest concern for 2012 has been my health. I was frequently sick, and I developed arthritis in my feet that has kept me from exercising like I once was. I gave up on dieting, which was a mistake. My asthma issues preoccupied a great deal of my time early in the year, and in March my doctor and I tried a different sort of antibiotic therapy for my breathing issues which, remarkably, helped. My breathing numbers climbed 70 points on a peak flow meter, unheard of with other medications, and that was something to celebrate. I still have issues but not like I did, so that brought some relief.

I also developed a problem with my back, which I have not mentioned in my blog. I have a rib on my right side that keeps slipping out of place and stabbing me. This has resulted in numerous trips to the chiropractor to have the bone put back in. Finally in November I started seeing a physical therapist. This routine will continue into the new year and hopefully with some muscle building this will resolve itself.

And now I have a problem with my teeth, which inexplicably have started moving around and crowding. A molar is causing pain. I see dental work in my future for 2013. Apparently I will not turn 50 with any grace.

So looking forward, what does the new year hold, beside aging and a marriage milestone?

In late January, I will attend the Roanoke Writer's Conference again. I attended this last year, and I find it an interesting day. The event is held at Hollins University.

In March, I am scheduled to teach my journal writing class through the community college system again.

I plan to pick up some kind of fiction writing on January 2, and of course I must do my taxes between now and April 14.

Freelancing for the newspaper will continue, too, I suppose. I may attempt to freelance in other markets, perhaps writing creative nonfiction articles for different markets. We will see. To be sure, I would like to announce that I have found a part-time job somewhere. We'll see how it goes.

To the outgoing year, I say so long. You have been a somewhat painful reminder that I am no longer a sweet young thing, but instead am firmly entrenched in middle age and heading toward old. I am now the wise, ancient woman, and I hope to embrace this new role in the coming year. May 2013 be the year of the crone - the year the wisdom of the wise old women come to the fore.


  1. here's to a healthy and happy 2013! oh, and ashlyn has that same problem with her back, she's had a rib slip a few times. bad backs run in the family, on my husband's side. i hate that for her. she really needs to strengthen her core as she's much too young to be dealing with this :(

  2. Here's wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!

  3. Wishing you a happy and healthier new year, Anita, and congrats on your accomplishments in 2012! A milestone birthday and anniversary call for celebrations...go for it.

  4. Wow, you are surely blessed to have had a year full of rainbows, Anita...especially rainbows over those beautiful mountains! Kudos, too, to you for your many accomplishments in the past year. May you have joy, peace, and better health in 2013.

    P.S. I would love it if you shared the exercises the PT gives you for the rib issues. I've been dealing with pain from slipped ribs for years now, and although it's better than it was, it's bad enough that I cannot lie on my back without pain, so often sleep in my recliner. Also, I rely completely on daily ibuprofen, which is probably not a good thing.


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