Wednesday, November 07, 2012

When Mercury Goes Retrograde

This is the moon, not Mercury.

In the world of astrology, which I confess I do not particularly believe in, there is a phenomenon called "Mercury Retrograde." This apparently happens three times a year and lasts about three weeks at a time. It is a time when the planet appears to move backwards instead of forward in some kind of optical illusion.

Mercury, one might recall from high school classes on mythology, is the messenger of the gods. Thus the planet Mercury is considered the messenger planet. Hence anything to do with communication supposedly is affected by this retrograde business.

That means it affects computers, Internet, telephone, the mail - most electronic gizmos, in other words. When Mercury is retrograde, you should be cautious, take care of yourself and others, and not make hasty decisions.

Generally speaking, I do not pay much attention to this, even though, as a Gemini (double trouble, that's me), Mercury in retrograde is supposed to affect me almost always, as it is my ruling planet. Or something like that.

I frequently do not know when Mercury is retrograde, but it turned yesterday. I knew this because the astrologers were predicting it would affect the elections.

I don't know about that, but I do know this: about 10:30 yesterday morning, I lost my Internet connection.

Along with my telephone service.

It stayed out all day. This was not a good day to be out of touch as I was keen to see how the voting was going.

Last night was my first-ever professional job as an instructor, too. I had spent hours preparing a beautiful power point presentation. When I arrived, everything worked fine, but within minutes, the school computer died. And would not reboot no matter how many times I started it and shut it back down.

And this morning, my electricity went out for a good while.

So I don't know if I believe in Mercury retrograde, but certainly some gremlin is playing games with me right now.


  1. I guess all that Mercury Retrograde was zinging your house because we had no problems.

  2. No problems personally, but at work we've had problems with our postage software and printers. What really sucks is that it extends through Thanksgiving weekend--and I was really hoping to find a decent-but-cheap DVD player.

  3. Sometimes when things happen it does make you wonder about gremlins, Anita, ior perhaps Mercury did have something to do with those failed electronics.

  4. That explains my writer's block! I'm a gemini too so have the double whammy! Seriously, I do believe in astrology because I think everything is related--lunar, tides, hormones, seasons--all energy. Some people ask, "Well, why are two geminis so different?" It's because the sun was in the position of gemini in the sky when you and I were born in June (or the end of May), but other planets were in other positions because we were born in different years and different times. Where was mercury? Where was the moon? All the planets are an influence. But it's just an influence. It's interesting. And even if you don't believe it, it can be fun.


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