Sunday, November 04, 2012

Peace To the World

Several years ago I joined the Blog Blast for Peace. I took part in it for several years but I think last year I let it slip past me.

You can learn more about this movement, such as how it started and how many other people are blogging about peace on November 4, at this website.

The idea is to have a lot of people posting about peace in hopes that someone with authority will take heed and realize that peace is what the little people want.

It is not, of course, what the people in power want. They want more power. War is power. Killing and death is power. Living your life and being left alone is not power.

So what is peace, anyway? Is it no killing for an hour? A day? If we went a single hour, world-wide, and no one died, would that be peace?

Or is peace something a lot more dense, something more tangible, something we all have an idea about but seldom express? Is peace actually more about equality, the brotherhood of humanity, than it is about destroying one another with machine guns?

When I say I want peace, I mean I want all of humanity to be humane, kind, and rich of soul. But in order for that to happen, people would have to have their basic needs met. However, we cannot even agree on what basic needs are. Even that seems to be a reason to argue. I think if people had their basic needs met, they would not be hungry. They would not be cold. They would not be stealing from someone else because they need more. They would not be arguing over who has the better idea. They would be shaking hands, agreeing, and moving forward.

The other day a little video of a girl crying because she was tired of the political commercials made the viral rounds. In the United States, we've been abused by horrid commercials and wicked rhetoric coming from both sides. This political season, I have felt like a bride with two husbands, both of them duking it out in front of me in hopes that I would spread my legs and let the guy with the most testosterone have at it. The political process in this country has become abusive; the political system is abusive, our systems, social and economic, are abusive. We have become a nonpeaceful place, a land where the guy with the biggest is the winner, and the rest are losers. And they know it too, those losers. They know what has happened to them: they have been f**cked.

There is no peace when there is so much abuse, abuse that comes across the airwaves and seeps into the souls of crying children. That is not healthy. This country has been on a drinking binge filled with domestic violence ever since the new millennium. A single act of terror emasculated an entire nation, and the menfolk in particular have been acting out ever since. It was loss of face to the great patriarchy, and they have been taking it out on the country as a whole for over a decade now.

So my wish for peace includes more than war. It includes fair play, civility, equality, humanity, and manners. A little of that would go a long way toward bringing peace into the realm of possibility.

As it stands now, gentlemen may cry peace, peace, but there is no peace.* Is life so dear and peace - however you define it - so sweet, that it will be purchased at the price of poverty for the unemployed masses and wage-bound slavery for the rest?

Has it really only been just 236 years since this country was the next great experiment, the hope of the poor, the hammock for the tired? Where has the humanity gone? What have we done?


  1. A weighty topic indeed!
    As long as good and evil exist, there can be no eternal peace on earth. One would have to eliminate all the evil in the world.
    Since self-fulfillment is at the core of every human heart, the elimination of evil (by human means) is virtually impossible.

  2. A great post! We do need more "fair play, civility, equality, humanity, and manners."

  3. You ask a lot of difficult questions. I think that's part of the peace process too.

    Peace to you and yours on this Blog Blast Day and in all the days to come.

  4. It seems to me that the global powers-that-be have forgotten the bread-and-circuses rule. Not just in the US but everywhere. If enough of the little people reached their last straws, imagine what would happen if that revolution was a demand for peace rather than for bread.

    I'm glad to be one of the voices calling for action on peace. Glad you are, too.

    Peace to you.

  5. I found your post interesting and much gave me pause for thought. I like what Julia said too, "If enough of the little people reached their last straws, imagine what would happen if that revolution was a demand for peace rather than for bread."

    Thank you for continually being a part of this movement and voicing your concerns. It is a crucial time. We have to offer voices of peace in the process. Maybe the little voices will overpower the loudest offense.


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