Monday, October 15, 2012

Muted Colors

When I went out this morning, I saw that the colors had changed overnight.

They are not very brilliant yet.

We are on the cusp of the season, the trees still shy and not yet fully dressed in their finery.

This is my favorite time of year, when the colors come, and the days take on a golden hue.

This cedar wears a crown of red!

Yellow against the sky.

Thank you for your kind wishes regarding my health. I am sorry to say I am still ill. I returned to the doctor today and she gave me a different antibiotic. Fingers crossed that this is the one that will help.

I have been sick for three weeks! That's a long time to feel poorly. I have things to do that require me to be well, so I am hoping for good health soon. At the least I would like my voice back! It's been missing a long time.


  1. Lovely, lovely photos. I like the time of the year just before the full color, when the trees are full and muted.

  2. I noticed that too. The leaves here on the hillsides just changed dramatically overnite! Then rain all morning and tonite it was breezy with leaves dropping off the trees. It feels like an unusual autumn this year.

    Get well soon!!!

  3. Hope you will soon be feeling better, Anita, as you certainly deserve it. Thanks for sharing the colors and only wish we had seen more during our visit last week. It's still green mostly here at home, so fall seems to be slow or late this season.

  4. Yup - I noticed that some of Mill Mountain changed since yesterday! The leaves are late this year - it was spectacular in places at the Cove Saturday.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Here's hoping the new antibiotic works!

    Most of the trees here are already bare. Color peaked 2-3 weeks early this year, and high winds have stripped those trees that had turned.

  6. I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly, Anita. I do hope the new antibiotic does the job.

    I love this time of year, too!


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