Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet Chippy

Recently I stepped outside to take a few shots of the change of season. I had the camera on a tripod. I was standing so still that the squirrels and birds were not bothered by my presence.

I spied movement at a woodpile in the woods below the shed.

A chipmunk!

I had never been able to photograph a chipmunk before. They are so swift they're difficult to catch with the camera.

He raised his head up over the log to have a look-see. He emitted a bark (which sounded nothing at all like Alvin).

There he is! So cute!


  1. You were lucky cause I have never been able to capture one myself...with a camera of course.

  2. now that is too cool. what a great moment. they are definitely loud creatures. (:

  3. We used to see lots of wildlife up here on the hill. Then we got a dog...

  4. You're right, s/he really is cute. Great pictures!


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