Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daybreak Noises

The other morning I slipped outside at daybreak to take a picture of the rising sun as it came up over the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ah, the peacefulness of daybreak over the mountains.

As I stood there I realized that it was not quiet. The trees were full of birds.

They made a lot of racket, nothing that sounded like a bird song. More like the sound of harpies screaming at the rise of the sun as it interrupts their nighttime shenanigans.

I am pretty sure these are starlings.

Some of you have asked if I am feeling better; I am! I am pleased to report that I finally seem to be nearly over the nasty infection I had for most of October.  It is not completely gone but finally toward the end of the week I felt like getting out of the house a little. I am still not a ball of fire but hopefully in a few days I will be all better.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and good wishes. My readers are great people!


  1. Beautiful trees block my view. You are most fortunate!

  2. those 1st 2 photos take the cake ... just lovely. such beautiful sights to behold. (:

  3. So glad you're feeling better! The sunrise pictures are exceptional. All those screeching birds would be a bit spooky.

  4. That's a great looking sunrise... and hopefully you are done with all forms of the crud for this year and this coming winter....

  5. Glad you are feeling better, Anita, and able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful and colorful fall scenes. Daybreak over the Blue Ridge mountains is an awesome sight, and since we were usually still asleep when it happened on our visit, glad you got shots to share.

  6. Beautiful sunrise photos. Glad you are feeling better!


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