Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Autumn Sneaks In

Autumn sneaked in with fog, not breeze

Bringing color and change to leaves.

A crispness cast across the pass

while leaves fell softly upon the grass

Acorns dropped with a mighty plunk

And Autumn pulled petticoats from her trunk.

For the seasons change, they come they go
and life goes on, as we all know.


  1. Those acorns do make quite the plunk, don't they. We hear them falling from the trees all around our property.

    Lovely post!!

  2. I've noticed autumn sneaking into my neighborhood, too. But you said it better than I could have.

  3. It hasn't begun to sneak into the VA eastern shore yet, except for some random yellows and red on the crepe myrtle trees. Hope we get lots of color on the Blud Ridge road trip next week if this is a preview.

  4. Really like second and third pics, as well as the acorns. Fall color peaked early here this year, with most of the trees already losing their leaves. I love fall, but am not ready for cold weather.


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