Monday, October 08, 2012

88 Questions Part 4

I stole this from Sunday Stealing. It's actually 88 questions, which I am chopping up into 22 at a time. Thankfully, this is the fourth and final part.

67. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?

A. Yes.

68. Do you miss the way things used to be?

A. Sometimes.

69. Song you're thinking of right now?

A. Um. I wasn't. But let's see. How about Vincent (Starry Starry Night) by Don McLean. It is one of my favorites.

70. Want someone back in your life?

A. Can't think of anyone. If they're not in my life now, it's for a reason.

71. Will tomorrow be better than today?

A. I always hope that it is.

72. What's the color of the underwear you are wearing?

A. That's rather personal, isn't it?

73. Who was the first best friend that you ever had?

A. I think it was Chris in the third grade.

74. How do you react when someone disappoints you?

A. Depending upon the disappointment, I might become sad (even cry) or I might just shrug it off.

75. Is there anyone who understands your sexuality?

A. Pretty much every heterosexual woman would, I would guess. What a weird question.

76. Are you a naturally happy person? Or is your happiness forced?

A. I am not a naturally happy person. I work at it, which is not the same as forcing it.

77. Is there anyone you wish would fall in love with you?

A. Well, a multi-millionaire who would die in a few days after rewriting his will to leave me his mass fortune would be nice, but I don't expect that to happen.

78. What do you wear when you sleep?

A. A nightgown that I bought at Walmart. Made by cheap labor in some foreign country, I'm sure, and I should be ashamed of myself for making that purchase.

79. Are you obsessed with something right now?

A. Yes. Getting these questions answered and over with.

80. The first person you loved is?

A. I have loved a lot of people, but I would guess my brother in a sisterly fashion, and then my husband, though I also love my friends in that friendly sort of way.

81. Something terrible happened with you?

A. With me? With me? What, is this the bad grammar meme? Do you mean did something terrible happen to me? Look up the word "with" and tell me how does that apply to this sentence? Did something terrible accompany me? Because of me? From me? Against me? What in the world are you asking?

82. You are locked up with your celebrity crush for days, what happens?

A. I don't really have a celebrity crush, so I will have to think about this. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Okay. We'll go with George Clooney, and by the time the doors open he will run screaming into the jungle, never to be seen again.

83. If you could wish something, what would it be?

A. I would wish for civility on the Internet. That would create a huge chain of events that might ulimately bring about world peace.

84. Ever try to force someone to do something?

A. Yes.

85. When you are alone, what do you think about?

A. Everything. My brain whirrs constantly.

86. How was your first sex?

A. Too personal a question for me to answer.

87. What's your favorite music genre?

A. Pop, pop, pop music. American Top 40.

88. Are you happy I only wrote 88 questions?
A. Yes, very.

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