Friday, October 05, 2012

88 Questions Part 1

I stole this from Sunday Stealing. It's actually 88 questions, which I am chopping up into 22 at a time.

1. What type questions do you hate on a meme?

A. The type whereby the answer might allow someone to steal your identity.

2. If you married the last person you texted, what would your last name be?

A. Um. I don't text so this one doesn't apply. Or maybe my last name would be "I don't text."

3. Were you happy when you woke up today?

A. I wasn't miserable or anything.

4. When were you on the phone last? And with who?

A. About an hour ago with my husband.

5. Who are you excited for?

A. Is this the same thing as happy for? I am happy for my nephew, who is doing the college campus visiting thing. I am happy for my niece, who did her dance thing Saturday. I am happy for my friend, who recently returned from a nice visit to CA to see her son and his new wife, and for my blogging friend who just returned from London where her daughter was married. And for anyone else I know who has good stuff going on.

7. Honestly, who was the last person to tell you they love you?

A. Honestly, my husband!

8. What's the last thing you put in your mouth?

A. A pink-lemonade flavored icee.

9. Have a best friend?

A. Yes.

10. Were you ever or are you scared to fall in love?

A. Who isn't? Or hasn't been?

11. Do you think teenagers can be in love?

A. It's probably lust but yes, I think they can experience love, too.

12. Last person you wanted to punch in the face?

A. I would rather not say.

13. What time is it right this second?

A. 3:14 p.m.

14. What do you want right now?

A. For my head to stop aching.

15. Who was the last person you took a picture with?

A. Classmates at Hollins, back in May when I graduated. I think.

16. Are you single/taken/heartbroken/or confused?

A. Taken.

17. When was the last time you cried?

A. About two weeks ago.

18. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

A. No comment.

19. Do you find it hard to trust others?

A. Yes.

20. How fast does your mind change?

A. Well, I am reconsidering my commitment to do this meme at the moment. So 20 questions fast, perhaps.

21. I bet you miss somebody right now. Who is it?

A. My grandmother.

22. Can you honestly say you're okay right now?

A. Yes.


  1. i always feel like questions like this ... makes me think of even more questions to continue the questions you have already answered? ha. ha!! (:

  2. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well still. Seems like this cold is hanging on with fingernails! I am a little stuffy myself and thinking that an Icee would be perfect!

  3. I always want to know more. Like #19. Why? And #17. Why? I think these things are a tease when the questions don't delve deep enough and the person who answers just gives a one-word answer. I want to know more! THAT is the interesting part.

    Maybe I'm just nosy.


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