Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nothing Perfect Here

"Better a diamond with a flaw
 than a pebble without." - Confucius

Nothing perfect here.

Last week I posted a photo of a flower from my garden. My brother left me this comment:

"All those flower's you have around there and you couldn't find one that wasn't missing a petal? LMAO!!"
Ah, my brother, I do not seek out perfection in nature, though I am a self-admitted perfectionist. I expect it from myself but not from others, and I most assuredly do not look to find it outside.
I find it is not the perfect flowers that hold my attention. I notice first the ones eaten by bugs, attacked with vigor by something they cannot defend against. Beaten by beetles, these beleaguered buds are buffeted bravely in the breeze.
Next I notice the rose buds covered with aphids, or worse yet, powdery mold or some other fungi that is hell-bent on feasting on the flowers.
Those untouched, the ones doing their daily growing, stretching toward the sun, lifting their faces and making no name for themselves, I see and admire. But they do not receive much attention from me. They need none.
And even those are not perfect. The perfect flower eludes me. I do not grow perfection in my garden. I grown heads of beauty crowned crookedly with thorns. Indeed, it has never occurred to me to try to grow a perfect flower. I don't take them out for exhibit, after all, or showcase them in floral arrangements.
I simply enjoy them, imperfection and all.



  1. At least YOUR brother READS your posts! Sure he's busy and travels all over for the Guvmint, but that is what airports are for! ( My tax dollars can go for him and no one else!)

  2. I entirely agree, but I have to say I think Confuscius is wrong about pebbles. The story about the world's long and dramatic history is contained in the smallest bit of rock, and the elements that make it up (and make us up and roses and everything else on the planet) started out in the fiery heart of an exploding star. Pebbles are amazing. You really can see the world in a grain of sand - and you really do hold infinity in your hand when you pick up a pebble!

  3. A self admitted perfectionist? YOU??? BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! That's an understatement!! ;)
    Seriously Sis, take a look at your writings,your thesis,your poems, your photography......nothing but shear perfection in my opinon. Kinda like you as my sister!! :) ((or me as your brother!!!!))


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