Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here and Now

There are days when I think I might stop blogging, times when I run out of words and I wonder who wants to see yet another photo of a deer, or of my view.

Even though it is, of course, a lovely view. You can't take a shot of a mountain and not have it be a lovely view.

But really I do not run out of words, I just can't find a topic that I think belongs on a public blog. Sometimes my thoughts are running so deep and personal that I can't share. Because really who wants to read that anyway? Or maybe I should say, who visiting this blog, which is about many things and nothing at all, wants to read that?

Out my window this morning, this fine, Sunday morning, the mountains have just a tinge of color change on them. Before long the trees will put on their fancy dresses and delight us with reds, oranges, and yellows. The scarlet will look like flames against brilliant October skies.

Autumn is here, in all her glory, bringing with her days of crisp, clear weather, falling acorns, and pumpkins. A time of death with a promise of renewal to come.

Sort of like the spiral to the resurrection.

*The above photo was taken down at the barns and all of the visible land is part of the farm.*


  1. That is a beautiful view and a nicely framed photo. Soon your leaves will be in all their glory.

  2. Can't wait for the leaves to come about and show their true colors... I keep tapping my foot waiting with deep anticipation.

    Keep those thoughts light my friend... Life is way too short to give it too much thought. LOL

  3. Lovely! Though I don't always comment, I never tire of seeing your photos.

  4. I think the reason I blog is to find something new in the same old.

  5. I don't get tired of seeing your view, Anita...I look forward to your photos. As for your deep and personal thoughts...I actually like it when you share that part of yourself. Lord knows, I sure do on my blog, and I always feel like if folks don't want to read it...well, that's okay. They are free to click me into oblivion. :-)


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