Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Stuff on my mind . . .

1. My friend Diane over at Blue Ridge Gal has authored a great response to the current political debate and explains why she votes the way she does. I agree with every word. Please go read it. I vote for women's rights, like she does, before anything else. That includes an economic policy that has a safety net and helps the poor, because most of the poor in the United States are women. In 2010, there were 4 million more women living in poverty than men. If you are not in favor of helping the poor, you are not in favor of helping women. One party in particular is not in favor of helping either the poor or women. That party will not get my vote.

One of my friend's sculptures
2. I have an artist friend who is very ill. She makes sculptures, and her work is outstanding. That she still lives is a miracle in and of itself. I think of her a lot. I wish people did not hurt.

3. I can no longer upload photos to my blog using Internet Explorer and have to switch to a different browser. I can't tell you how frustrating this is. For example, I started this entry in Internet Explorer but had to switch over to FireFox after trying yet again - and failing - to upload a photo in IE.

4. I stopped using Google for my searches after I realized that, for whatever reason, I couldn't take the browser back to my searches and was stuck on a web page. It doesn't happen with any other search engine but google.

5. My personal opinion, based on #3 and #4 above, is that either Microsoft has configured its browser not to work well with Google products, or Google has configured its products not to work well with Microsoft. After all, Google has its own browser. The problem with uploading photos began after an automatic download from Microsoft. Thoughts?

6. Last night just for fun we checked out new cars. I drove a Toyota Camry and a Venza. Sweet rides, both. No plans to buy soon, but looking is good. The Venza is a surprisingly nice vehicle and will certainly have to be considered when the time comes for new wheels. It is all-wheel drive and that might be useful during a snowy winter.

7. Also last night I found a woman's wedding ring in a bathroom stall at a restaurant. It was a dainty 14K white gold band with engraving inside that I was unable to make out. I turned it over to the management and left my business card. Later I looked up a similar band online and found it is probably worth about $100.

8. Students everywhere are going back to school. I have watched them somewhat longingly. I will always be a student at heart and learning is an important part of my life. Have fun, kiddies!

9. The song, The World I Know, as sung by Collective Soul, keeps running through my brain these days. I don't know why. It's an old song. But I think it points towards something I feel in the air right now.

10. How long is a promise good for? If you made a promise 25 years ago to someone you don't even see anymore, does it still hold true?

11. I visited the dentist yesterday and received a good check up. The night before, I dreamed that I was in the chair but then I bolted halfway through, running out with the napkin thing for dribbles still draped around my neck. I woke up in a sweat. Fortunately that dream did not come true.

12. I have a set of rune stones for creative people that I found in a book store a long time ago. Sometimes I draw a stone and study it. This morning I drew out the moon. It means dream time - honor your dreams. Good advice.

13. One year when I was using these stones, I continually drew out a single one - a whirlwind, meaning chaos, for weeks. There are 20 different runes so I should have drawn something else occasionally. At the time my life was in a state of change and flux and the stone was appropriate. After a while I started wanting to see a different stone, though, and I was glad when that run came to an end.

Thursday Thirteen is played by lots of people; there is a list here. I've been playing for a while and this is my 256th time to do a list of 13 on a Thursday.


  1. Sis,
    A promise only ends after it has been completed. "I promise to go buy you some shoes for your Birthday" is complete when that happens. The Promise was full-filled. But a promise of " I won't tell anyone our secret." lasts forever. "Promise" is a word that no longer holds the meaning it once did, simply because people have let their ethics and morals evaporate. The best example of this I can think of happens with most every Wedding vow recitation. They usually start with "I promise"....... Look at the divorce rate and you'll see what I mean.


  2. An interesting collection of thoughts, Anita. I'm sorry about your friend. I just hate it when nice people suffer, especially when they're people you love dearly. I like your friend's sculpture.

    Intriguing to contemplate how long a promise is good for. I guess I'm a person who takes my words seriously, so I would tend to stand by a promise---even one made long ago, in haste, or even a promise I now regret.

  3. I gave up on Internet Explorer years ago. For one thing, I suffered more attacks on my computer through it. For another, I can get FireFox to work more the way I want through their plug ins.

    Uh-oh. You almost unleashed the geek in me. :)

  4. Internet Explorer has never worked well with Mac computers so we stopped using it over a decade ago. I read somewhere a couple of years ago, by someone who did some comparisons of browsers, that IE is the worst one. Safari works best for me... some Mac users swear by Firefox. Hope you get the problem resolved, and thanks for the mention by the way!

    Oh, and about promises.. I agree that if you promise not to tell someone, that that is a forever promise, unless of course the person you promise it to dies or decides to tell other people. I don't tell anyone a personal secret that I don't want told. Best to just keep mouth shut and not share. :-)

  5. I enjoyed your list. I read it an hour ago, played the song and distracted my grandson's who were next to me playing playdough and so and only now (drowsy from a nap of which I am the first to wake up)back. I didn't know the song or the band and was curious about what goes on in your head.

    I have noticed that with google, that I can't hit back and have to close to get out. also don't like when sites pop up that I never click but only may have scrolled over them.

  6. It's amazing how many people have switched from IE.

    This is an important year to stick with women's rights.

    Have a great t-13

  7. Interesting. I've had to switch browsers lately too. I hope your friend is able to continue her art and that she recovers.

  8. Your friend's art is wonderful! Does she sell it? I, too, hope she can continue to make such beautiful art. She is very talented.

  9. I gave up on IE a few years ago and went with Firefox, though lately I've been using Chrome. You should try Google again in Firefox, maybe it will behave? I love Google searches, and really enjoy being able to search straight into the url space in Chrome.

    Interesting list, sorry about your friend. The world is full of people in pain, it's awful when it's a dear one.

  10. I bounce between Safari and Chrome.... but I'm on a Mac. And I know zero about how to fix things with the computer when they go awry. Smooth sailing is all i can handle with the cmputer!

  11. I think we'll have to agree to disagree about the presidential vote. But I will say that Aiken doesn't speak for me or any of the conservatives I know. I believe in helping the poor, not just by giving them things, but with education and opportunity as well. I sure hope the woman who lost the ring was able to remember where she left it and come get it. Your kindness probably made someone's day!

  12. You have lots of things on your mind. It's like this wonderful journal of your mind. Thank you for sharing.

    The Food Temptress

  13. I always enjoy your Thirteen, and this list is no exception. I have considered doing a list but what would happen if I only had 9 items? Gah!!!

  14. I agree whole-heartedly with number one. Very odd about the rune stone. Funny how things work out like that sometimes, isn't it?


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