Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Books: First Family

First Family
By David Baldacci
Copyright 2009
Audio 14.5 hours
Read by Ron McLarty

This is one of Baldacci's mysteries. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are former Secret Service agents who are now private investigators. This is the fourth book in the series.

The story begins with Michelle's efforts to reclaim her past, but that is quickly dismissed in favor of the mystery. The niece of the president's wife has been kidnapped, and her mother shot. Sean King, an old friend of the president's wife, Jane Cox, is asked to investigate along with the FBI and Secret Service.

Michelle, as King's partner, is along for the ride. She ends up at home in Tennessee for a while because her mother died mysteriously and her father is a suspect in her murder.

The kidnapper is an Alabama good ol' boy with a grudge against the president, not for his politics, but for something he did before he became a prominent politician. But he is going to get even, yessiree bob. In the end, you almost feel sorry for the fellow. Almost, but not quite.

I enjoy Baldacci's work. The stories are always well written and the characters nicely drawn. He does not do as well with his female characters I as I would like, but he manages well enough.

Good story to listen to in the car.

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  1. Sounds good. I've only read one of his books previously, but would definitely like to try more. Like my TBR pile isn't big enough, right? *grin*


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