Sunday, August 05, 2012

A New Look

At the end of May, I wrote about my 20-year-old bedspread and matching curtains, and how I would like a change.
This is what I had.

The set held up very well, a testament to the quality of the items as well as, I say somewhat immodestly, my efforts to take care of our things.

I looked but could not find a matching bedspread and curtain set that I liked.

The bedspread is actually a thin white quilt with some flowery design.

The curtains are a denim blue. There is a little white stitching in the curtains that doesn't show up in these photos. The stiching helps keep them from being boring. If the link above works, you can see the stitching in the JCP photo.

It is a different look for our bedroom. I imagine it will take a while to get used to it. But maybe not. Everything else is the same.

At least with the solid color I have more options as far as the bedspread, should I decide to change it. And I did not pay so much for these curtains that I expect to hang on to them for 20 years like I did the last set. Plus, being so dark, I think they will fade in a while.

Anyway, that's my redecorating.


  1. Change is always a "good thing" especially when it not only gives your room a new look but lifts your spirits too. The new bedspread is lovely and even looks "antique" even though it's not. Thanks for sharing your redecorating.

  2. Very nice, Anita. I love the bedspread quilt---it's really pretty.

  3. That's very pretty. The white embroidered quilt looks nice against the wood of your bed posts.

  4. I love fresh quilts like the one you chose. It brightens the room and adds a cheery look.

  5. Sorry you couldn't find a matching set you liked, but what you found is very nice. Enjoy the change!


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