Friday, July 13, 2012

Invisible Fawns

I have had a tough time this year taking pictures of little fawns.

I see them, but they seem to be very camera shy.

Come on out!

There you are!

(I took the last picture first, and I don't think it's the same fawn as in the first two shots. It's an older fawn, I think.)


  1. so cute. i had a moth or was it a butterfly that i tried to take a view of ...but it did not turn out the way i wanted. frustrating. i so understand that pickle. enjoy your weekend. (:

  2. So adorable. Have not seen any come into our yard this year, but perhaps I'm just not watching close enough.

  3. We don't see as many now that we have a dog. If he's with us we try to distract him or at least hold him. I want them to be scared of people, though, so our neighbors don't get them when they leave here. Deer and turkey sanctuary...that's us.

  4. Love those speckles and big ears! Though I've been seeing them when we're out driving, I haven't had any in the yard. Instead we're having rabbits galore!!


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