Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Concert

Botetourt County has three wineries, and they have joined together with WSLS and Lewis Gale Regional Health System and a number of other businesses (including The Fincastle Herald) to sponsor a series of summer concerts. The concerts have been going on for several years. You can see a list of the businesses that sponsor the event at the link.

Last night my other half and I decided to check out the concert at Virginia Mountain Vineyards. It is located about 10 miles away, outside of Fincastle, on Old Fincastle Road.

The place was rocking when we arrived. Note the grape
vines in the background.

Another shot of the grapevines in the distance.

The line to pay to get in was long. We went in as
non-drinkers, which only cost $5 each. It was $10
each if you wanted to sample the wine offerings.

The vineyard offers some spectacular views of the
Blue Ridge Mountains.

The band, SolRevolt, played under a tent. The offered
up a mix of 1970s rock and blues.

We sat under the tent for a while, but the band
was louder under there. After the inconsiderate
man next to us lit up a cigar, we picked up our
chairs and moved to the rear of the event.

My husband greets his cousins, who joined
 us for the evening.

The vineyard had a nice gazebo. It would be a good spot
for a wedding.

We sat and chatted and listened to music for several

Final shot as the sun went to sleep.

Nice event. The next one is August 11 at Blue Ridge Vineyards in Eagle Rock.


  1. Great way to spend a relaxed summer evening. The venue was gorgeous!

  2. Nice evening! We noticed all the traffic passing our house and I have never seen so much for one of their concerts before. I still heard the drumbeats from the band when I turned in at 10:00 : )
    I'm glad it was a successful event for the vineyard.

  3. what a fun event. we haven't been to any of the local wineries day!

  4. That looks like a lovely way to spend an evening. I would have moved away from the cigar too:-)

  5. Sounds like a fun time! We have a free, 6-week concert series here performed by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. Friends and I are looking forward to the first concert next Wednesday.


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