Monday, June 18, 2012

Sisterhood - A Poem

By A. Firebaugh

"Missing me one place search another
I stop somewhere waiting for you."
─ Walt Whitman


I am the child
who has buried a playmate.
I mourn without knowing
what I have misplaced
or not found. A funeral
for myself; I do not attend.
I send lilies and roses
for others.

I die alone.


In December winds
I stand naked, barren before you.
My chest heaves with the cold.
I want the warmth of company,
another close in my heart.

I probe the earth for understanding.
I search for conversation
by an open fireplace, walks
in the forest, the tangy sweet
taste of persimmons in fall.

I search for fables, but this I
dare not believe. I am
the survivor,
I intend to live.

My quest is for sisterhood.
I seek only a friend.

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  1. Okay, now these are depressing and almost disturbing.... How about something happy? LOL


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