Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm No Decorator

Every now and then I have a hankering for something new around the house.

I don't redecorate often. We are simple people. Once we find a good spot for the couch, there it stays. Besides, the house is small and there isn't a lot of room for maneuvering things around.

But it is time for a little updating.

This is my current bedspread:

This is the bedspread and matching curtains:

I like that they match. I don't like that they are almost 20 years old.

I bought them from Sears and they have held up remarkably well, considering I didn't pay that much for them to begin with. They are machine washable, and I wash the curtains about twice a year; the bedspread much more frequently. I like that I can wash them whenever I like.

But the fabric is starting to look washed out, and some of the stitching in the bedspread is coming out.

Neither my husband nor I like comforters, and comforters are all I can find in the local stores. No one carries these bedspread and curtain sets any more.

A few of the major department stores have them online, but I am unimpressed with their offering. Not to mention the lack of quality available. Some of the comments make me cringe; they certainly aren't conducive to making a purchase. Apparently most of these are supposed to be washable but they shrink.

So I am thinking I might need to find separate items. Maybe a solid bedspread and different curtains. But finding the bedspread is the hard part.

I hate redecorating!


  1. I love heavy, warm comforters and like your bedspread, mine is going on 20 yrs old. Here's hoping you find something new that you like!

  2. Do you not like comforters because they are heavy? If so, you could get a matalesse coverlet. Some of them are not very expensive and many are machine washable. That's what we got for the summertime, and on nights when it's not heavy enough for me I put a blanket on top of it. It has matching pillow covers too, but not matching curtains, but I'm not overly fond of matching curtains for our bedroom anyway. Penneys has coverlets online, also you can try overstock.com Just a thought. :-)

  3. Something similar to this style.. http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6E.aspx?GrpTyp=ENS&ItemID=1a406e2&DeptID=82319&CatID=85989&SO=0&Ne=4294957900+877+5+1031+969+1545&NOffset=2&shopperType=G&N=4294926361&Nao=0&PSO=0&bcCat=3&CmCatId=82319|85989

  4. I'll probably go insane when I get to the curtain and bedspread phase of our new house. I can't stand figuring out curtains!! And since our windows are all different sizes, I only brought one pair from the old house. If I weren't so close to the road, I'd be going curtainless!

  5. well you certainly got your money's worth in that set! hope you find something you like :)

  6. I hate decorating, too. I am too cheap and then I end up with stuff I don't like but I'm too cheap to replace. We're getting ready to finish the basement and I am worried for the sanity of my long suffering husband.


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