Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Drunk Raisins

You may have heard of a remedy for arthritis that involves gin-soaked raisins.

The People's Pharmacy, a health-care column that runs in our local paper, has written about the folk remedy for a long time.

When I had my foot x-rayed in November to show a stress fracture, the doctor also noted some serious arthritis in my toe. However, nothing to treat the arthritis was offered. So I decided to try the drunken raisin remedy.

To be sure, I have noticed a decrease in pain in my big toe. But improvement has been most noticeable in my knees, which used to hurt much more than they do now.

So I have kept up the routine of eating a spoonful of gin-soaked raisins one time each day.

Here is how I make them:

First, you need golden raisins and gin. I have read that there are different types of gin, some of which is really vodka. You need the real gin. I always ask at the liquor store, and they generally recommend Seagram's. They say that is what most people use for gin-soaked raisins. I have tried a couple other brands and so far I haven't really noticed a difference.

The raisin on the left is a sober raisin. The one on the right is plump from soaking in gin. I imagine it is pretty high.

I pour gin into a dish until the raisins are covered. Then I cover it with a dish towel or paper towels. I let it sit until the liquid evaporates, and I stir it once or twice day. The evaporation usually takes about three days, give or take a little humidity.

The raisins are fatter after they have soaked in the gin. I store the drunk raisins in an air-tight container.

Do not soak the raisins in the air-tight container as the gin will not evaporate. If you can taste the gin, then the evaporation process has not been going on long enough.

I would not advise eating gin-soaked raisins if one has alcoholic tendencies or problems with addiction.

Also consult with your doctor if you are taking medications of any kind.


  1. I find that so interesting. A friend of mine believes in the health properties of apple cider vinegar. She bought a book and some ACV for me. I tried it for about two weeks but find it so displeasing on some days. I think drunken raisins sound so much better:-) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Okay then... don't think I could do this, but happy to hear it is making a difference for you. Hic!

  3. Love it! I'm glad the old remedy is working for you. I believe our ancestors knew a lot more about healing remedies than we do with all our science and technology. My opinion, medicine just helps with the symptoms but doesn't help the root of the problem.

    Keep it up and hopefully you'll be feeling mucho better soon!

  4. love old remedies like this!

  5. I agree with Gone Country that medicine often only helps with the symptoms but doesn't get to the root of the problem. Which is why I drink aloe vera. Ulcers run in my family. The last few years, I would sometimes get a pain in my stomach. I'm sure it was all the stress. The doctor gave me some things including the little purple pill. I hate taking medicine. It didn't work anyway. Then I read in, I think it was also People's Pharmacy (love that column) about aloe vera and how healing it is. If I get the pain, I just drink about a half cup of the aloe and it instantly soothes my tummy. I can actually feel it coating and soothing my insides as it goes down. Even better, I think it heals it because the pain doesn't come back. I think we should all try natural remedies first if possible. There are no side effects like drugs.

  6. huh, curious. if its placebo effect, are they tasty placebos? drink aloe vera? everything has a side effect. some lab drugs are sledge hammer and some home remedies with some of the same active ingredients is more of a watchmaker's hammer.

  7. I've never heard of this remedy! I'll have to pass it on to my mom. She's already been told there's nothing to do for her arthritis other than take OTC pain killers. I figure, what does she have to lose by trying the raisins at this stage?


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