Monday, February 13, 2012

The Deer Whisperer

I thought I'd like some company this morning, so I sent out the secret signals to call the wild things.

The eight-point buck was the first to answer the call. He did not stay long, though, and vanished like grey smoke into the trees.

This doe arrived next.

I thought she might venture onto the deck
 and come visit me.
 She stood but 10 feet away
 while I snapped photos
 through the french door window.

She hung around for quite a while,
 but was not interested in close-up beauty shots.

Next I saw some does
 out the side window in the garage.
 I started to open the back door
 but realized I had yet another close visitor.

She was eating my bush.
 I have plastic fencing around my roses
 to keep the deer away;
 you can see it in the picture.

She liked the open corner
 of that part of the yard.
 No mesh fencing there
 to keep her from something tasty.

Yummy! Thank you, Deer Whisperer
 for planting this lovely bush.

I opened the garage door
 and she trotted about 20 feet away.

What did I do?
She said after I shooed her off.

Nothing, my dear.
 You just answered the Deer Whisperer's call!


  1. Such sweet creatures that can do soooo much damage to greenery. Why can't they just eat seeds like the birds do? LOL

  2. Aww...isn't that little one adorable? Sorry he thought your bush was tasty!

  3. Wow, what a morning at your house! The young one is so pretty. I would love to have a garden of any sort, but it would take serious enclosures to keep it safe. I am hoping they don't touch our young fruit trees this year or there will be hell to pay.

  4. Wow Anita, those are absolutely amazing photos! How lucky (or is it luck Deer Whisperer?) that they come right up into your yard and pose for you....beautiful!


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