Sunday, February 26, 2012

Captcha Codes

I see that many bloggers still have the crazy new captcha codes on their blogs.

Here is how I eliminated it:

Go to your list of posts/dashboard for your blog.

Find the little gear thing in the top right corner.

Click on it.

Go to "Old Blogger Interface" and click on it.

Wait a minute because it takes a second to revert.

Click on Settings for your blog.

Click on Comments

Click on Show Word Verficiation for Comments and click "NO"


Click on "Try the new Blogger" up at the very top.

It will take you back to your old blog look and you shouldn't lose anything in the process.

Hope this helps.


  1. Great directions, Anita! So simple to do.

  2. Oh thank god you figured all that out because I never could have! The new thing (I would have never known it was called "captcha codes") is impossible to read!

  3. I messed up! I wrote down your directions but I missed the "go to the little gear thing." I clicked on "Try new blogger" instead of "Old blogger interface." Now I can't seem to get it back! I'm going to go look for that gear thing. I hate that new word verification. It's so hard to read, I think people give up after a couple fo tries. I've gotten way less comments since they started that and I don't like that. I like my comments. I write because I want to share and people commenting lets me know they're enjoying it, otherwise I'd just put it all in my journal.


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