Saturday, February 11, 2012

Books: Body Surfing

Body Surfing
By Anita Shreve
Copyright 2008
Audiobook Version
Read by Lolita Davidovich
7.5 hours

Sydney has had a rough life. Before she is 30, she has been divorced and widowed.

Now she is spending the summer helping a developmentally slow 18-year-old girl, Julie, learn what she must to get into college.

She does this at the Edwards' summer house. And then Julie's brothers, Ben and Jeff, show up.

Jeff charms her. They fall in love. She moves in with him and they live together in Boston.

He asks her to marry him. Things go wrong. Sydney will not be a bride a third time. Will she live happily ever after, though?

This book is set at Fortune's Rock, though it is never explicitly spelled out. Shreve readers will know that this is the locale for The Pilot's Wife and Sea Glass.

Anita Shreve is a solid writer. Her books have strong characterization, good setting, and interesting plot. This book was not quite as strong as some of the others - I thought part of the ending was a little weak - but it was a worthy read.

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