Sunday, January 15, 2012

Robins (and a Starling)

My father calls robins that you see this time of year "mountain robins." I am not sure they ever actually leave, as I seem to see them all year long. My grandmother used to watch for robins in her front yard; she called them the herald of spring. She lived only 30 miles from where I do now, and it would be March before she would see the birds. I don't know if they've changed their migration or it was just how she noticed them.

This shot was taken with the digital zoom on the camera.
 I used a tripod and it worked better than I expected.


  1. NO robins at our house... I think they all moved to Fincastle for the winter. :-)

  2. We have always considered robins a harbinger of spring, but a couple of years ago on Christmas day I looked out and saw dozens of them in my yard. After that day, I didn't see them again until March.

  3. Enjoying your new camera I see. Great close-ups!


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