Monday, January 02, 2012

Power Words

Last Thursday, Yolanda left a comment on my blog. She was a new visitor, so I checked out her blog in return.

She had noted that she was going to use EXPLORE as her word for the new year.

I loved this idea. And then I read a Guidepost article by author Debbie Macomber who said she does the same thing. She takes a word for the year. An interview with her can be found at this link.

This was enough for me to figure I was being led to find a word for myself. A power word.

But a single word? I am finding this difficult.

I have four words on my mind, instead. Those words are PASSION, INTUITION, COURAGE, and CREATIVITY.

They are all related, at least in my mind, so I wondered if there might be a single word that I missing.

One that covers all four.

PASSION means any powerful emotion, want, or desire. I chose this word because, while there are many things I enjoy doing, there are very few things that I absolutely must do or I will feel like I've lost a part of myself. Writing seems to be something I am passionate about, but I am not sure I am passionate enough about it. Certainly I am not passionate enough about a specific project, and I think that is what I am looking for. That writing project that I absolutely have to work on, every day.

INTUITION means perception of truth without reasoning, or quick insight. This word came to me when I was doing some reading over the New Year's Eve, and then it turned up again in a tarot card reading yesterday. My intuition is something I generally do not trust, but I also think the things I write from intuition are generally much better than the things I write from a different space.

COURAGE means able to face difficulty or danger with firmness and without fear. I chose this word because it seems to me that fear stops me in my tracks with alarming regularity. Sometimes I think it wouldn't take much for me to become agoraphobic and never leave the house. So I want to be stronger and feel more able to stand up to the breath of the world, instead of letting it blow me over.

CREATIVITY means original thought or expression, able to create. As in, writing a poem, or making a drawing. I chose this word because it something that means a great deal to me, but it, like courage, is something that seems elusive to me.

I don't think there is one word that covers all of that. Perhaps what I need is a power sentence instead of a power word.

Something like:

For 2012, I will have the COURAGE to find my PASSION and I will use my INTUITION and CREATIVITY.

Words have power; they can be as hard as a fist when used improperly.

If you have a power word or a power sentence, I hope you will share.

More power to you!

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  1. Interesting...I'll have to think about this a while. I've been doing a ladies' weekly study about the power of our words. A little different than this one power word idea, but similar to the message in the video.
    Wishing you a 2012 filled with courage, passion, intuition and creativity!!


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