Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mark This One Off the Bucket List

Last night, my husband and I went to the Roanoke Civic Center to watch Guns and Hoses. This was a hockey game played by members of local police and fire departments, with all proceeds going to MDA.

It was my first-ever hockey game. The only thing I know about hockey is that players are supposed to put a puck into a net.

That I had never been to a hockey game will not surprise regular readers, who know I don't spend much time with sports or attend venues with large crowds.

The announcer said there were 8,000 people in attendance at this game.

It was a family event, and there were little children running everywhere. Loud rock music played at various intervals, and I fear it must do something to the little tot's nervous system, as there was much twitching and shaking every time the music came on. I enjoyed watching them. I didn't take any photos of them because, well, they weren't my children and I didn't want to put pictures up of kids I don't know on my blog without permission.

The firefighters wore red, while the policemen wore black.

The showdown began!

The police team took the first point.

During an intermission, the firefighters did the chicken dance out on the ice.

During a second intermission, this firefighter did a little striptease to win the "sexiest player" title, as demonstrated by much yelling from the crowd.

We left with four minutes left in the game; the firefighters were losing and I assume they did not take home a trophy.

Still, everyone had a good time for a good cause! And we did something besides stay home on a Saturday night.


  1. i'll go to this event one day. my husband and i were big hockey fans while we still lived in san diego (kinda funny isn't it that we had a hockey team, the gulls)anyways, we loved going to the games, so much fun. i like sitting right down close so you can see them hit the wall/ exciting! and it's a great venue for kids actually. they can get as loud as they want without disrupting people. we always took ash and christian with us, that was before the twins!

  2. I attended one hockey game many years ago in Phoenix, and the guy sitting next to me used the "F" word about 20 times in a matter of about 3 minutes. Just not my kind of crowd so I never went again.

  3. Good for you, Anita, doing something outside your usual comfort zone. I don't think I've ever been to a hockey game either. I like sports but hockey's just not my game.


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