Sunday, December 04, 2011

Out the Window

Someone told me the other day that he didn't believe the deer came close to my house. They would be too skittish, he said.

Somebody doesn't know what they're talking about.
Just sayin'.


  1. There are days they come this close to our front porch. The deer in these here parts are just not as skittish as in some other areas Nope... he does not know what he's talking about...

  2. i would decorate my front porch with pansies & other plants ...but one day i noticed that all the flowers were gone, not the greenery do you realize what this means? well, it means that the deer had to walk up 3 steps & get onto to the porch. the funny thing is i had heard a weird noise the night before but had no clue. the mystery was solved. it was a beautiful colored flower ... so i moved it to the back deck where they can not get to them. never again to put any plants on the front porch. unless they are silk flowers. wonder if they would try to eat them? (:

  3. I know they are a nuisance, but what a beautiful sight out your window. I gather you don't have dogs?

  4. Excellent way to prove someone wrong! :)


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