Sunday, December 18, 2011

Books: Finding Noel

Finding Noel
By Richard Paul Evans
Copyright 2006
Audio Read by the Author

Richard Paul Evans offers up another of his special brand of heartbreaking yet cheery life sagas. In this book, Mark Smart has lost his mother in a car wreck and his scholarship at school. His father, with whom he has never gotten along, has told him not to come home.

He is thinking about suicide when his car breaks down at a coffee hut. A young woman named Macy helps him out and cheers him up.

She has problems of her own, including a missing sister. The story centers around her search for her sister but includes several love stories.

This was a strong story with well-rounded characters. Highly recommended as a heart-warmer for the holiday season.

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  1. I just loaded Kindle onto my iPad. I've never downloaded a book but I've been considering it. This sounds like a very good read for the season.


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