Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios, 2011

Well, it's almost another year. I am excited about 2012. I have a college graduation to look forward to in May. I will have another degree and that will be a nice feather in my cap.

I am hopeful that the economy will turn around, too. I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to find a new career doing something I enjoy. The masters degree will help, perhaps.

Also, I plan to continue my weight loss, so I am really looking forward to buying a new wardrobe, complete with accessories, before the end of the year. That will be fun.

This last day of December will be a quiet one for my husband and I, and that's a good thing. Yay for calm endings!

I hope 2012 brings us all many good things in life. Many blessings to you, dear reader, as the year ends and a new one begins!

Bring it on, 2012!

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