Friday, November 04, 2011

Open Studios, Botetourt, Part II

You can read about artist Ed Bordett here.

Nancy Dahlstrom is another Fincastle artist.

She is also a professor at Hollins University. I took a couple of art classes from her when I was working on my undergraduate degree.

That's me on the left and Professor Nancy Dahlstrom on the right.

Nancy does printmaking, drawing, and painting. I remember when I was one of her students how kind she was. I cannot draw worth a damn but she was always encouraging. "That's a great line on that leg," she would say. Nevermind that the rest of the piece looked like child's scribbles.

Some of Nancy Dahlstrom's more delicate artwork.

She won the 2011 Perry F. Kendig Award, which is a prestigious honor.

A lovely flower painted by Nancy Dahlstrom.

I overheard Nancy telling another Open Studios visitor that she was having a hard time showing the above painting, because "beauty and loveliness" is not in vogue at the moment. Everybody wants to see darkness and angst, she said. I thought that was pretty sad.

My favorite of Nancy Dahlstrom's artwork at the Open Studios event.
For some reason, the above piece just calls out to me. I think it's a lovely piece of art.


  1. Thank you for showcasing these artists. I'm getting a little peek into the studios even though I didn't go! I like the beauty of Nancy Dahlstrom's work. It is a sad commentary that people want "darkness and angst".

  2. Thank you! Like Leonora, I was not out visiting studios and heard such amazing things about Nancy's new studio and it looks glorious. She is one of the hardest working and dedicated professors I know---her students all remember her forever and remain in touch. Like you, I am drawn to the etching of the fire at night in the grass. Nancy grows many varieties of beautiful grasses and plants then captures them in her work...what a grand human being she is!


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