Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Footwear

My foot had been bothering me for quite some time, and yesterday I went to the podiatrist about it.

She gave me new footwear for my right foot:

Ain't it lovely?

Definitely the next thing in designer wear.

The verdict was that an arthritic big toe forced my second toe to move into major support mode. This resulted in a tiny little stress fracture and something called metatarsalgia.

I'll be in the funny little shoe for a few weeks.

If I'm out and you see me in sneakers and not this thing, don't be surprised. I am not too keen on wearing it outside of the house. I guess it will depend on how much walking I have to do wherever I am going.


  1. Be good to yourself and wear it like you are supposed to. Who cares about how it looks when it's doing something good for you. Your toe sounds painful! I can hear it screaming out in pain from my house!!

  2. That sounds painful. Take care of it like you're supposed to! I'm wondering though, do you have to wrap it in a plastic garbage bag to keep it dry when it rains or snows? Now THAT would be worth a photo.

  3. Ouch...so sorry about your sore toes, Anita! For what it's worth, I don't think your new footwear looks so bad. To tell the truth, it resembles some sandals I wear. Clearly, I choose comfort over fashion. :-)

  4. Thank you all. :-)

    I did not wear it to class last night but I confess the foot feels better in the little boot than a shoe.


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