Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Light

The snow began to fall late yesterday. An early snow, for our area. The flakes were big, fat, and wet, falling quickly but melting right away.

I cannot recall a snow before Halloween.

The morning dawned wet and gray. Fog hid the Blue Ridge Mountains from view.

This little one turned up in the front yard and decided to stay awhile. I went out on the front porch and stood not 20 feet away. We had a long conversation, Miss Deer and I.

The moment I had been waiting for arrived, and the sun shone brilliantly off the yellow leaves.

The fog remained and I still could not see the mountains.

Is there anything better than sunshine slipping through the clouds on a brisk October morning?

Li'l Miss Deer hung around a good while as I stood and snapped pictures.

Finally the fog lifted. Snow on the mountain two days before Halloween!

Is there any better sign that we are part of this world than our ability to see it? All we need do is open our eyes and look around.

I find great solace in this picture. For me it is a blend of man and nature, and an example that if we try we can make it all work together.

I hope you find your light on this intriguing day.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos and verbage. You hit a home run with this post... Gosh it's gorgeous up Fincastle way!

  2. Beautiful photos! How neat to get so close to a deer and she not get spooked!

    You have gorgeous view and a great view of life! Nice post!

  3. The views are beeeeautiful. And I think Miss Deer rather likes your company.

  4. Lovely photos! We didn't have any snow, just cold rain.


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