Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday in the little town of Fincastle, the Bank of Fincastle 5K and 10K runs took place.

About 900 people were signed up to run. One of them was my nephew, who, unfortunately, is not in this picture. I don't know any of these people. For some reason my camera wasn't working well (or maybe it was operator error) and few of my shots turned out. Oh well.

Anyway, this event is in its 25th year. It is quite popular. The county schools, from elementary school up, usually send teams, so you have some very young children learning the value of exercise on a cool October morning.  Many parents also sign up and walk along (or run) with their offspring.

The first 600 runners to register are guaranteed a T-shirt. The bank has a new design created every year. This year it was a turkey in autumn.

Winners receive medals and/or trophies.

Locals know that this course is very hilly, with steep inclines and descents in places. It is not a trek for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

I stood on the sideline and cheered and clapped for the multitude of runners. Some folks I knew, others I didn't.

Maybe when I've lost my weight and gotten my asthma controlled, I will give the 5K a try. Maybe even next year?


  1. So proud of you for sticking with the weight loss and healthier choices.

    I would not be able to do that 5K either. It would require foot surgery and don't feel like going down that path just yet.

    Enjoy this beautiful blue sky day!

  2. What a great turnout! Hang in there... maybe you'll be in someone's photos next year!

  3. my little braden and dalton participated last year with greenfield and they did awesome and even had a football game right after! this year i was late to sign up so i asked them and they didn't want to do it but i really hated to miss year we will for and i can walk it together!

  4. what a great way to gather the community together! Keep going with your healthy choices and maybe someone else will be holding the camera - on you!

  5. Good for you on the weight loss. It's not easy and yet it is. Does that make sense? It's our minds that make it so tough.


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