Sunday, October 23, 2011

On a Clear Day

I think it is impossible to take a bad photo on a day like today.

The pollen count is less than 1.

The sky is a pale, lovely blue.

The trees wear their finest colors.

So I went up to the highest point on the farm, and shot a few pictures. I took these with my Canon.

This is the view from the backside of the farm, and it is not one many people get to see. There is only one spot on the place with this scenery; generally it is all wooded and so the forest is all we see. But in one place there is a little opening, and this is the view. The house is as huge as it looks: it belongs to some specialist doctor.

This is the backside of my mother-in-law's house. She has a lovely view of those mountains, doesn't she?

Just a shot of pretty trees.

These homes are on the farm, too, but they are not family. The home on the far left is my husband's old home place; it is where he was raised until my in-laws built the current house. The home on the right was built around 2005; some of the farmland had to be sold after Grandma passed away to satisfy the contents of her will.

The chicken coops, outbuildings, and the first pond. The chicken coops no longer hold chickens; they hold hay. Grandma's house is beside the pond in the midst of those trees. The house was built about 1816.


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful setting. Nothing better than a perfect Autumn day.

  2. just lovely. what a great day. (:

  3. Wow, Anita! Your pictures should be published. They are gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful the shots, especially the colors. Mine are too brown...

  5. Beautiful Pictures! So much family great family history too!

  6. Gorgeous! Such awesome views you have! Thank you so much for sharing the views and the family history!

  7. Terrific fall photos!! This is the time of year to be outside isn't it? We are loving our first VA fall!!

  8. Thanks, all! I love this time of year.

  9. I love seeing Fincastle from your eyes. Perhaps Mrs Sneakz and I should roll down 81 sometime soon.


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