Saturday, October 22, 2011

Godwin Cemetery, Fincastle, Autumn 2011

The top of the hill at Godwin Cemetery, which is in Fincastle near the rear of the town, is one of my favorite spots to take photos. This morning I ventured out to the library and then ran up the hill. It was a chilly but lovely day, with a crisp, clear sky and the remnants of the change of leaves still speckling the mountains.

I used a filter on a few of these photos.

The steeple belongs to the Fincastle Presbyterian Church.

This is pretty much my eternal view, as we've spots in the Firebaugh section awaiting us. Of course my perspective will probably be a little lower. Six feet under instead of five feet above.

Fincastle Methodist Church in the foreground and the Botetourt County Courthouse in the rear. The children's playground equipment, while not new, is an interesting juxtaposition to the tombstones, don't you think?

I love this shot. You can see Fincastle Methodist Church, the Botetourt County Courthouse, and the Fincastle Presbyterian Church.

Fincastle Presbyterian Church. This is one of my favorite scenes, the church steeple with the mountain behind.

The county courthouse on the right and the Presbyterian Church on the left.

The steeples, from left, are the Fincastle Methodist Church, then St. Mark's Episcopal Church, and then the Botetourt County Courthouse in the far right. There's also a cell tower on the left on top of the hill. I can remember when that wasn't there.

The small steeple in the middle of this picture belongs to the old Fincastle Baptist Church building. It is now a private home.


  1. It's so pretty there right now. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love the name Fincastle.

  2. I should get up that way more often. Fincastle is pretty year round. I love your eternal view!! Five feet above that is. :-)

  3. gorgeous. i've always wondered why graveyards get the best views. it is so funny to me. but i guess they deserve a view as well. if only i knew someone buried there & i could visit. (:

  4. Thee are so pretty. I love the Blue ridge.


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