Monday, September 26, 2011

So, Facebook has made changes to its newsfeed.

Blogger made changes to its dashboard and the way it posts, which I just this weekend decided to look at it.

It's one thing when you make changes yourself, it is quite another to have them thrust upon you so that you're forced to deal with them.

And these are very minor things, really, in the grand scheme of life.

I mean, life is all about change.

You change your clothes.
You change your mind.
You change your lifestyle.
You change jobs.
You change your brand of cereal.
You change your diet.
You change your shoes.
You change the color of the paint on the walls.
You change your decor all around.
You change your locale if you move.
You change jobs.
You change friends.
You change.

You get the idea. Change is the one constant in the world. It's always out there. The trees are growing, the rain falls or the sun shines. Every day, every minute, every second - it's all about change. Every spin of the earth brings about change, good or bad. Every action has a reaction - you can't stop it.

So there is no arguing against change. It's a-coming whether you want it not. The questions then, are two: What kind of change? And how will you handle it?

Change can only be three things: good, bad or so little that you barely notice it and it is therefore negligible. You can deal with it in a million ways, but essentially it boils down to you handle it well or you don't.

I have been trying to make positive changes in my life of late. In the last year, I've made these positive changes:

returned back to college.
started a diet.
increased my exercise.
returned to playing the guitar.
returned to journaling in a notebook.
looked up some old friends.
learned how to use the digital video camera.
visited a doctor and took care of health issue.

These are all good things. I hope that you have added some good things to your life in the last year, too. It's important to stop, revisit the list, and pat yourself on the back for the achievements every once in a while.

Change is not all bad. So I wish for you today that good changes come your way.


  1. I'm pretty much over Facebook and their constant changes. Deactivated my account and life feels less heavy now. Google+ is working out nicely for me.

    Nice to see your changes and hope they are putting a skip in your step. :-)

  2. Without change life sure would get boring and stale.

  3. I've heard some rumors that what
    Google and FB are working on is
    your FB home page will eventually be like your blog...and through google friends connect you'll have your network. Don't know how true
    it is...but it certainly seems like their somewhat heading in that direction.


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