Monday, September 19, 2011

Books: Pontoon

by Garrison Keillor
Copyright 2007
Read by the author

I enjoy hearing Garrison Keillor read. He has interesting inflection in his voice. His stories are genuine, full of detail, and fun.

Pontoon is another Lake Wobegone tale. Evelyn, who is 82 years old, has died. She wants to be cremated and buried in a bowling ball. This is not acceptable behavior for a conservative, Lutheran town.

Not only that, but Evelyn's daughter, Barbara, is a lush. And someone named Debe wants to get married out on the very lake that Evelyn wants to be plummeted into (while she's in the bowling ball, of course).  Add in a bunch of Norwegian pastors and well, you've got a Keillor tale.

Fun listen.


  1. Being raised an old Midwestern Lutheran, I've always enjoyed listening to Garrison on the radio. :-)

  2. This is Keillor at his very best. We must not forget stinky dog Bruno who is the catalyst for dumping those snooty Danish pastors in the drink. LOL many times. Have listened to it twice.


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