Saturday, August 20, 2011

Down Memory Lane

I dug out some old photos as I did a little reminiscing, what with my class reunion tonight and all. Here are a few shots of me as a younger person.

This is me in the 8th grade with my math teacher. This photo is the way I tend to remember myself, and apparently still think of myself sometimes. Long hair, jean jacket, and blue jeans. And a lot thinner than I am today. It can be quite a shock when I look in the mirror, because this is certainly not what I see!

Here's proof of that rock band I have mentioned a few times in the past. That's me on the guitar.

Another rock band photo. This was the New Year's Eve gig at Hotel Roanoke. I'm the smiling girl with glasses on the far right. I'm not naming other names out of respect for their privacy.

 Me and that guitar again. That band had a big impact on my high school years and was a big part of my life for some time.

 Me and a friend during a July 4 parade. I played flute, as you can see. This would be either 9th or 10th grade, I'm guessing.

This would be me about two years after my high graduation, since that is my husband's old pick up truck in the photo.  I can't believe I was once that little!

Ah, memories! They may be beautiful ... and yet ... sometimes painful to remember! Maybe I should choose to forget!

Looking forward to exorcising demons tonight at the ball.


  1. have fun! i know what you mean about the shock looking in the mirror, i also still see myself the same way!

  2. Hope you have a fun weekend! I agree that I've got some good memories but also some yucky ones.
    I'd hate to be that young again.... except for being able to touch my toes and not have cellulite on my legs.... :)


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